Visit: MUN Computer Science

I went to MUN today to meet with Dr. Minglun Gong, the head of the Department of Computer Science at Memorial University today, to discuss their new undergraduate program specialization in Visual ComputingĀ and Gaming.

The new specialization presently includes courses focused on several areas relevant to game development, including graphics, game design, and AI. ItĀ sounds like an exciting addition to their curriculum, and promises to be a great addition to the industry here in the province.

Dr. Gong indicated that in addition to the new undergrad major and courses, there are more advanced topics such as shaders and mobile development covered in certain undergrad electives, and some topics are covered in more depth at the graduate level.

I took the time to invite Dr. Gong and the department as a whole to join us for our meetup on Tuesday. Hopefully some of those folks will come down and add to the discussion!

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