Call for Talks!

Here’s our monthly call for presenters and presentations. Topics of special interest at present are listed below, but talks can be on any game-development-related subject, whether technical-, creative-, or business-focused. If you are interested in presenting to the Gamedev NL audience, please email us!

Topics of Special Interest

  1. Funding – Grant writing, digital media tax credits, innovation funds, angel/venture capital, traditional financing, and any other subject related to getting the money to build games
  2. Art & Animation – whether it’s concept art or production assets, we want to hear from artists who are making things to put into games!
  3. Sound – are you a producer? A sound engineer? A musician? An interactive sound specialist? We’d love to hear your perspective on writing music and SFX for interactive media!
  4. Voices – are you a voice actor? Have you worked with voice actors on a published game? We would like to hear more about how that works, and what game developers should consider when they’re considering whether and how to put voices into their games
  5. Engine Programming – Written a navmesh system from scratch? Built your own voxel engine? Constructed a network compression scheme lately? We’d love to hear all about it!


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