2018 Gamedev NL Game Jam

The first inaugural Gamedev NL Game Jam will take place January 26th-28th. The event dates coincide with Global Game Jam, for which we are a registered Jam Site.


Please visit our Registration Page to sign up for this year’s game jam.


If you’re interested in game development, but have never done a game jam before, consider looking through our Jam FAQ as well as the Global Game Jam FAQ.


Eastern Edge Gallery

Located at 72 Harbour Drive, Eastern Edge Gallery is providing hosting for our main jam space for 2018. Our opening kickoff and closing showcase will both take place at the gallery.

MUN Engineering Building

The MUN Computer Science Society has kindly agreed to run a second space which will be open to jammers over the weekend.


In order to comply with Global Game Jam’s age requirement, we will be separating teams into two leagues within our event.

Senior League

  •  All team members must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Senior League teams will be eligible to register with the Global Game Jam

Junior League

  • Teams may include jammers under the age of 18.
  • Junior League teams will not be eligible to register for GGJ, due to that event’s age restrictions


Main Jam Space @ Eastern Edge

Friday January 26th

  • 5PM: Doors open. Jammer orientation will begin at this time, so it is important to arrive as early as possible.
  • 6PM: Opening Kickoff, at which we will announce the theme for this year’s jam
  • 6:30PM: “Survivor Night” team building exercise

Saturday January 27th

  • 9AM-9PM: Main space jam session
  • 9PM onwards: 19+ fundraiser for Eastern Edge. The jam space will be adult-only during the fundraiser.

Sunday January 27th

  • 9AM-3PM: Jam session in the gallery
  • 3PM-6PM: The Closing Showcase will be held in the gallery. During this time, Senior League teams will have an opportunity to upload their games to the Global Game Jam site.