Reminder: Game Jam Prep Session #2

We’ll be holding the second prep session for our upcoming game jam tonight, 7PM, at Eastern Edge Gallery (72 Harbour Drive). Feel free to drop by if you have any questions or just want to meet the organizers!

GDNL Game Jam: Eastern Edge Hosting and Prep Session #2!

We have some big news: Eastern Edge Gallery will hosting as our main space for the 2018 GDNL Game Jam!

In addition, they’ve agreed to host our second prep session. If you’re hoping to participate in the jam, come down to Eastern Edge this Wednesday evening between 7 and 8PM to get your questions about the jam and about game development answered.

If you can’t attend but would like to check in with us remotely during the prep session, drop us an email and we’ll do our best to provide you with answers and/or a means to join us via remote chat!

And if you’re interested in checking out the venue in advance of the jam, consider checking out the Members’ Exhibition that opened Friday at Eastern Edge.

Time & Location

7PM, Wednesday December 20th at Eastern Edge Gallery (72 Harbour Drive, St. John’s).

First prep session!

First prep session!

Our first Game Jam prep session was a rousing success, with our lovely org team coming together to talk about the details and several jammers pitching in to talk about what they’re thinking about. Our next session will be in mid-December (full details TBA), and our third will likely be mid-January at the MUN campus.

We are going to be finalizing our list of jam locations in the next week or so, and we will soon be recruiting volunteers and mentors to help out during the game jam itself. If you or someone you know might be interested, look for an announcement in the near future!

Organizers and jammers. Good times were had by all!

Announcing the 2018 Gamedev NL Game Jam!

We’re very proud to officially announce that Gamedev NL will be holding our inaugural game jam January 26-28, 2018, coinciding with the 2018 Global Game Jam.

What is a game jam?

A game jam is, at its most basic, an event where people come together to make games. The Global Game Jam FAQ has much more information about what game jams are and how the Global Game Jam.

How will the Gamedev NL Jam work?


Participants will be divided into two leagues, Senior (18+) and Junior.

Due to the rules governing the Global Game Jam, Junior entrants will not be eligible to have their work counted towards the Global Game Jam, but will still be eligible for the Sunday Showcase and other events during the jam.

Entry Criteria (aka It’s not just for videogames!)

We will be accepting very broad interpretations of the word “game”. Traditional video games will be accepted, as will board games, interactive art installations, and, pending discussion with participants, other creative projects which incorporate interaction as a significant element.

If you’re still not sure if your idea will “fit”, email us at or attend one of our Prep Sessions (see below).

How can I participate?

Show up! We will be hosting the jam at a variety of locations around St. John’s, including our home base, Common Ground, 30 Harvey Road, from January 26-28, 2018.

I don’t know how to make games!

We will be holding sessions at Common Ground (30 Harvey Road) leading up to the jam to help jammers prepare for the event. This will give you a chance to meet the Gamedev organizers and your fellow jammers and to start thinking about what tools you want to use to create your jam entry.

The first prep session is tomorrow!

Prep Sessions

Session 1: November 11, 2017, 4PM-730PM, Common Ground, 30 Harvey Road

Session 2: December 20, 2017, 7PM, Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Drive

Session 3: TBA January 2018, MUN Campus

I don’t know anyone else who makes games!

Come to our meetups! We hold monthly meetups at Common Ground and other venues. Our meetups are always announced via our website, Facebook, and Twitter (see below).

We are also encouraging jammers to meet up with others via related community events such as CTSNL’s project nights, every Thursday at Jumping Bean on Elizabeth.


Questions? Want to get involved? Contact Us!

Twitter: @gamedev_nl


Tech Community: CTSNL Project Night

Tonight is Project Night for all the CTSNL folks. Lots of tech folks hack on their own stuff here, and we’re hoping our members will take advantage of this group to start percolating ideas for the 2018 Game Jam!

Tech Project Meetup

Thursday, Nov 9, 2017, 7:00 PM

Jumping Bean Cofee
37 Elizabeth Avenue St. John’s, NL

4 CTSNL Members Attending

Bring your laptop, work on your personal projects, collaborate with others, show off your work, ask around for help or just have a chat. Only an interest in programming, technology and computing required. All welcome!Since we don’t use as our primary tool for advertising our project nights. As such the attendance numbers appear to be ve…

Check out this Meetup →

Tech Community: NDev Meetup Tonight!

The next NDev meetup is tonight at HeyOrca’s offices, and they’re providing pizza! And beer!

NDev 21 – Composition vs. Inheritance

Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017, 7:00 PM

HeyOrca! Offices
261 Kenmount Road St. John’s, NL

29 Devs Attending

Hey Folks!This month at NDev, we’re hosted yet again by the HeyOrca crew and we’re going to be talking software architecture with Moustafa Elsisy. Moustafa is finishing up his CS degree at MUN and has worked with the HeyOrca team as a Web Developer since May. Moustafa will be comparing and contrasting two common techniques to build complicated sof…

Check out this Meetup →


Report: ESAC’s Game Industry 2017

Ours is a solid industry with tons of growth both at present and looking forward, and 2017 was a great year for us!

Entertainment Software Association of Canada Report

Game Jam Prep Session 1: November 11th, 2017

While we haven’t announced the event details yet, we’re planning to hold a game jam in St. John’s to coincide with the Global Game Jam, January 26-28th, 2018.

In the lead-up to this event, we will be holding a series of “prep sessions” to let people come in, figure things out, and chat about what they want to do during the jam. If you think you’ll be interested, please drop in and let us know!

Time & Place

4PM-7:30PM, Saturday, November 11th

Common Ground, 30 Harvey Road, St. John’s

Community News: Startup Weekend and Local Job

Just a couple of items of interest to our members:

  1. Startup Weekend is happening soon, and we’ve been offered a shot at a few free tickets to the event. Email us for details!
  2. Other Ocean Interactive are looking for a Senior Programmer for their St. John’s studio. Great opportunity for an experienced game coder who’d like to work here in town!

SJIWFF: Innovative and Interactive Panel

SJIWFF: Innovative and Interactive Panel

I was fortunate enough to catch yesterday’s Innovative and Interactive panel at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival. It was an exciting event, which I expected, and I got a lot out of it.

Newfoundland’s own Julie Lewis was joined by two film and digital media guest artists, Vali Fugulin and Gina Hara (of Geek Girls fame), on a panel moderated by Lisa Vatcher from Celtx, who have recently released their game narrative tool, Gem (full disclosure: I work for Celtx).

Listening to these folks talk about their work was really interesting and enlightening. They’re bringing diverse approaches to the intersection between art, film, games, and game culture, and I expect they’ll be groundbreakers in terms of bringing film and games, in particular, closer together.

One of my goals for Gamedev NL is to tap into our creative communities, and I had a chance to ask about what the panelists have found to work for that. It was fascinating to hear about their experiences, as well as feedback from the audience. I took a bunch of notes, which will feed into our work in the coming year.

Many thanks to all the participants, and a special thanks to Gina, who chatted with me about community building after the panel. I hope some of you will have a chance to learn more from and about these extraordinary women and catch some of the festival – especially their interactive programming – in future!

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