The Nickel Film Festival 2017

The 2017 incarnation of the Nickel Film Festival is in full swing, including its workshop program. This year there are a couple of workshops that are of special interest to game developers:


Tue June 20, 3:30 – 5 PM, LSPU Hall Cox & Palmer Second Space
Pre-Registration Required. Free Admission

Following a short animation screening, instructor James Grace from the Digital Animation program at CNA will cover the origins and methodology of what they do, how it’s different from other programs, and why it’s been so successful. If you have questions about the history, economics, labour market, and international accessibility of this work, this is the workshop for you.

Register online:



Thu June 22, 3:30-5PM
LSPU Hall Cox & Palmer Second Space. Pre-Registration is required.
$10 /$5 students

With more than a million followers, YouTuber Matt Shea is one of the biggest local vloggers. He actually makes a living playing video games. You can learn more about how Matt does what he does in this workshop.

This vlogging workshop participants will set up and record an episode, and Matt will cover:

• How to reach your audience
• Confidence in front of the camera
• Setting up your Camera
• Audio and video editing
• Basics of your YouTube Channel

Register online:


Are you headed to the Nickel? Let us know how it goes!

June Meetup success!

We had another successful meetup this week!

Thanks again this month to Orange Slip Studios for sponsoring the meetup. We put that money to good use and made a couple of nice upgrades to our setup.

The first upgrade was an improved stream, including a “speaker cam”. Our speaker didn’t need the double camera, so we just used the new fancy camera for the whole stream, but we’re ready for anything now!

The other big upgrade was the addition of meet and mingle devices. We added four rooms, each on a separate device (my old electronic devices, with mounts provided through the generosity of OSS), arranged around the space to allow remote attendees to join in the social fun.

For future meetups, we’ll probably cut that back to just two:

I hope folks from around the province will take advantage of these as time goes on. We always have an interesting mix of folks, including our various Developer members, hobbyists, and all things in between.

NDev Meetup – June 28th – Agile

Our friends at NDev are having a meetup on June 28th to talk about the Agile school of software development and its use in everyday practice. Sounds like an interesting talk!

Reminder: June Meetup

Our June Meetup is happening next week on on Tuesday the 13th. Looking forward to meeting our guest speaker, Kenny Backus, and hoping to see a few new faces in the crowd (as well as the regulars of course)!

7:30PM, Tuesday June 13th at Common Ground Coworking, 30 Harvey Road, St. John’s

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June Meetup Announcement! Do the side hustle: Indie games with a full-time job

Our June meetup (also on Facebook) has a special guest! Kenny Backus of Sky Rogue fame is in town, and he has kindly agreed to come in and chat with our community!

The Talk – Do the Side Hustle: Indie Games with a Full Time Job?

We’ve all wondered how to keep up with the demands of our lives while we try to make cool games. Kenny’s gonna fill us in!

Our Speaker

Kenny Backus is a programmer at Uken Games and the founder of Fractal Phase. He formerly worked at Funcom, THQ, Ubisoft, and Snowcastle Games, making his own games on the side the whole time. He’s most interested in procedural generation, low-poly 3D art, and game feel. Originally from North Carolina, he moved to Montreal with his wife Kristi in 2009 and now lives in Toronto. Ask him about “fwooshies”!

Location and Time

The meetup will take place at 7:30PM on June 13th at Common Ground, 30 Harvey Road.


If you’d like to book a 2-minute Appetizer slot to talk about a topic of interest, please fill out the form below:

Story of a meetup in tweet form

Janice Hertel was good enough to snap a few pics at the meetup on Tuesday, so we collected her picture tweets and Greg’s preview tweets and make a Moment out of it. This is a nice window into what our meetups are all about.

Call for talks!

Now that we’ve wrapped up the May meetup, we’re looking for a talk for June! If you’d like to offer a talk, please send us an email and tell us all about it.

Last night was AWESOME YOU GUYS!

Last night we had another great crowd at Common Ground. Greg Wells held us in the palm of his hand while he took us through the fundaments of telling a story with sound, art, and gameplay.

We made a couple of improvements to our setup last night. We (somewhat) successfully streamed the talk portion of the meetup, including the excellent question-and-answer section at the end. Greg was kind enough to bring his projector, and we now have our own that is slightly less fancy but will still handle the job nicely.

Thanks everyone for coming out, thanks to our sponsor, Orange Slip Studios, and thanks to our speaker Greg Wells. We’ll be looking forward to the next meetup.

If you’d be interested in offering a talk for June (or any time at all), please let us know. And remember we offer 2 minute Appetizer slots if you just want to tell people about something cool that you’re working on!

Why make games in Newfoundland and Labrador?

I spoke to a researcher at MUN yesterday about my perspective on the game development industry here in the province. There was a lot to discuss, but there was one point in particular that I felt was worth repeating.

Newfoundland and Labrador has always seemed to me to be a creative powerhouse, punching well above its class in the creative industries. If I could only offer one reason to make games here, that would be it. You can find artists from this province in every creative field, creating work that is astonishing in its affect.

Games are a newish field, relatively speaking, and a field that requires an extra boost because of the engineering requirements. But I have no doubt there will come a day when Newfoundland’s creative community is known as well in those circles as in all the rest. I’m proud to be part of an organization that aims to help reach that day a little sooner.

See you guys tonight!

Call for Appetizers: May 16 meetup

Our May 16th meetup is rapidly approaching, and so we’re offering appetizer slots to anyone who wants to talk about something for 2 minutes before the main presentation.This can be a project, a business, or just about anything else you care to discuss as long as it’s generally gamedev-adjacent.

Contact us if you’d like to book a slot!